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Picture Item Item Code Price Qty Help using this page
Annual Subscription - Member Newsletter News $14.95
Wire Basket (fits over rear carrier) SPC93125 $36.48
Engine Guard (chrome bumper) SPC90145 $159.95
Solex Saddle Bag (Black) SPC93130 $59.14
Solex Hat - Adjustable SPC93145 $19.95
Solex T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) SPC93147 $19.95
Mock Long Sleeve Shirt SPC93148 $22.95
Solex Fleece Vest SPC93149 $34.95
Solex Wind Jacket SPC93150 $47.95
Car-Carrier (holds 2 Solex) w. 2 in. Receiver SCC200 $140.00
Car-Carrier (holds 2 Solex) w. 1 1/4 in. Receiver SPC125 $140.00
Speedometer SPC93146 $47.42
Solex User's Guide / Repair Manual SUG100 $17.95
Service Tools SPM93113 $185.20
Flywheel-Puller (especially for Solex) FWP200 $24.00
Stroke Limiter (Crank Stop Pin) F200009 $17.95
Fuel Jet Adapter (for cleaning jet with air pump) FJA300 $6.00
Solex Music CD
(click here for a sample song)
CD100 $10.00
Order 903949 - Oberman
Order 903949 $47.90
Balance Order Budd
Order Budd $275.19
Order-Brian 904190 - Yanicki $46.32

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