The Matthews family has 35 years of experience with the Solex.

Impex Hungary is the only authorized company to use the Solex Trademark. Read the document.

Demo's available at a reduced price!

Matthews & Associates become the official distributor of Solex motorbikes in the US 3/98

VeloSolexo: Yesterday's Future – A note from Georges Safar (Director of Impex Hungary )

A Classic Returns - Bicycling Magazine 5/21/98
"So, I was taken aback to see the Solex again at the '98 Los Angeles Consumer Bike Show. Especially surprising is that the new machine looks almost exactly like the old one. Same paint, same frame, same motor, same seat, same center stand, same tires, same rims, and on and on."

Utah Business magazine, May 1998
Budapest , Hungary , has chosen Matthews & Associates as its exclusive United States distributor of Solex motor bicycles. The Solex is classified as a bicycle, though it can be powered by a small motor configured above the front tire…. "

Family has high hopes that Solex will take off in Utah - Deseret News 6/15/98
"This hog gets 200 miles per gallon." The "hog" in question is not a Harley-Davidson; it's a Solex, a moped-like cross between a bicycle and a motor scooter that is standard transportation in Europe, South Africa , some Pacific islands and other parts of the globe.


Le Site Web Du SoleX
This site is about the french motored bicycle: the VéloSolex also known as the Solex. It'll give all sorts of information about the history of the company (Solex) and all of its products.

The Dutch Solex Website
By means of this website we try to make contact with the hobby-Solex-owners and enable them to get in contact with each other.

French 123 Solex Website
Ce site est dédier à tous les amoureux de notre solex national que dis je International!!!

The Belgium Solex Club

Berlin Website

Les Amis du VeloSolex

German Website

A Solex Enthusiast in Japan

Cape Town, South Africa Website

UK Website

Netherlands Website


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