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Make certain that you comply with ALL of your local laws regarding safety, speed, insurance, and any other requirements.

1) Carefully remove your Solex from the container. Now, be very careful as you loosen
the handle-bar "yoke bolt" (about 2 revolutions) with a size 13 mm wrench. This will enable you to place the handle bars in their proper position. - both vertically and horizontally. DO NOT USE FORCE. (Hint: It may help to hold the front wheel in a firm position as you make the handle bar adjustment.) Then tighten that 13 mm yoke bolt so the handle bars will remain in position. Now connect the 2 wires to each handle grip assembly. (You have now connected the brake light switch. It does NOT matter to which post you connect each wire.)

2) Notice that one pedal has been placed in a reverse position.. Remove the pedal and then place it on the other side of the "arm". Be extra careful to avoid "cross-threading" the threads. It is important to note that the pedal on the left side of the bike is marked with an "L"; likewise, the pedal on the right side of the bike is marked with an "R". Thus, they have reverse threads when placed side by side.

3) The purpose of the motor guard is to protect the motor from scratches and falls. Please be careful as you install it. You will notice that it is designed to fit against the frame behind the motor (BETWEEN THE 2 BOLT HEADS ON EACH SIDE) and is then held in place by the clamp. The guard has 2 indentations to provide the proper placement of the clamp. The easy way to begin placing the guard is to come up from the bottom of the engine. When properly placed, tighten the clamp to make it secure.

4) If you Solex comes with 2 mirrors, one mirror is to be placed into the hole on the left-hand control -- which is approximately 3 inches behind the ringer. The star washer and nut are to be placed next to each other as you mount the mirror. The 2nd mirror is to be placed (along with the clamp) on the right side of the handle bars.

5) While your Solex is on its stand, and the motor is pulled "back", check to make certain that each wheel is centered to avoid any "rubbing" on the wheels. It may be necessary to loosen the axle nuts and re-allign the front or rear wheel. Then tighen the nuts.

6) Inflate the tires with the proper amount of air. (approx 35 lbs.)


1) On a regular basis, make certain that all nuts and bolts are tight.

2) Do not sit on your Solex while the kick stand is down. (This could cause the kick stand to bend by the weight of heavier people.)

3) The proper oil/fuel mixture is 2-3%. (This means a 40 to 1 ratio -- which is approximately 3 1/2 oz. of 2-cycle oil per gallon of gasoline.) Still confused? Think of approximately 1/3 "kitchen measuring cup" of oil per gallon of regular gasoline.

4) If your NEW Solex seems to lack power, this is probably because of the "newness" of your bike. It does take time to "break-in" and you will notice it's performance improves with use.

WARNING: "If you ride a Solex, you will want one"

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